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The following questions apply to topics that we will be learning in the online Sacred Sexuality course.

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This is one of the biggest barriers we have to having a tantric experience. To feel energy flow, we have to be open and relaxed... Energy doesn't lie. If it's blocked... then it's blocked. So this is the beginning of our tantric journey... We heal the hurts, traumas and fears that keep our walls up... and shift our philosophy and understanding of the world so that we can truly feel safe and just relax... with ourselves and others.
How sensitive is your body to touch? *

Over time, our bodies actually don't feel touch the way we once did. We have a certain "armour" up that protects us from others... even when we don't want it. Our skin is the largest organ on our body... built to give and receive touch sensations. When we re-sensitize all of our body - including our genitals - our whole body becomes an erogenous zone and incredible sensual experiences are possible.
Do you feel completely present and focused when love-making? *

Our minds tend to keep us occupied with strategies, tricks, concerns, and fantasies when we are being intimate with another. We are not present. So learning to be meditative and present while being intimate is a big part of tantric sexuality.
Do you feel like men often aren't "really masculine" and women aren't often "really feminine"? *

In our quest for equality, many men don't feel like they can be really masculine without people feeling like they are being controlling and aggressive. Many women struggle to be feminine because they don't want to be weak or emotional... In tantra, we redefine masculine and feminine in a way that truly compliments each other - where everyone feels strong and fully alive.
How important is it to make love and not just "have sex"? *

Having sex can be wonderful! It's fun, it feels good, and it's great for making babies. But for many people, they crave something more... And a common refrain is "I want to make love, not just have sex"... But how do we do it? How do we explain it to our partner? What are we really saying? (This was my first real personal "aha" moment when I started studying tantra... It was so wonderful to finally be able to explain it and experience what deep down I knew was possible.)
Would you like to learn about how to control ejaculation? *

This is actually for men and women. Many men would like to "last longer". It can be a difficult topic for both partners to talk about and resolve. Because tantric intimacy isn't about procreative sex where ejaculation is required to fertilize the egg, we learn to harness that energy upwards into the body... allowing energy to flow within each person and between them... You still can have orgasm.. but since there is no ejaculation, love-making can continue for hours.
Would you like to learn about how to have amazing intercourse with a "soft-on"? *

This was one of the first things that really opened my eyes to how wonderful tantric sexuality is... the idea that you can make beautiful love together whether the man is hard or not... Because we are working with energy (which is more connected to orgasmic pleasure than the physical), you can totally have amazing experiences whether the man is hard or not. This is a huge issue as men and women age and the idea that we can continue to have beautiful, satisfying sexual relationships into our older years is such a wonderful, life-affirming realization!!
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Having amazing sexual intimacy *

Experiencing True Intimacy with Others *

Your Personal Journey *

Tantra applies to all aspects of our lives... But it often begins with a personal journey.. where we connect our personal spirituality with our lives. We heal our deepest selves so that we can truly find joy and happiness in our lives. It can be very spiritual and/or it can be very much about simply learning to love life.
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